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Shoring Services

Scherber Companies provides trench shoring systems services in Carver and throughout the Twin Cities, MN area.

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Excavation Services

When you choose Scherber Companies you can rest assured your project is being handled by an experienced, knowledgeable team.


We are specialists in demolition, excavating, grading and rubble removal services with experience and equipment to do what needs to be done the right way.

Wetland Restoration

Scherber Companies’ fleet includes specialized equipment to meet a variety of requirements for wetland restoration projects.

Helical Anchors

Helical anchors are commonly selected for earth anchoring applications because they are quick to install and can be proof-tested and loaded immediately with no concrete to cure or de-watering of the excavation to deal with.

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Shoring Services Residential & Commercial | Minnesota

We are also experienced in all types of piling and shoring in limited access and low-headroom conditions. We perform this type of work as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor. With professional engineers on staff, we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to design and construct your complex earth retention, shoring or underpinning project.

Our team will properly install lifting and stabilizing beams to shore your building or wall to make it safe for construction procedures. We will work with your construction team to review the necessary plans and time our shoring process to meet your project deadline.

  • Earth retention design and construction
  • Design/Build soil retention systems
  • Foundation construction
  • H-piling, tube piling, sheet piling and timber piling installation

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Shoring Services Carver MN

Shoring Excavation Services

Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, structure, or trench


Shoring is the provision of a support system for trench faces used to prevent movement of soil, underground utilities, roadways, and foundations. Shoring or shielding is used when the location or depth of the cut makes sloping back to the maximum allowable slope impractical. Shoring systems consist of posts, wales, struts, and sheeting. Scherber Companies is available to assist you in selection, use, design, or in trouble shooting any shoring problem

We have a wide variety of equipment and tools to quickly and efficiently complete your shoring project and prepare your property for any type of construction. From front loaders and backhoes to hydro excavation equipment, we work on all types of jobs. No matter the size of the shoring excavation project, we’ll get the job done and prepare the property for the next steps in the building project.

With our staff of experienced professional engineers, we design and construct temporary earth retention systems, tiebacks and conventional underpinning. Our specialized equipment allows for installations inside existing buildings and structures and in many low-headroom situations. We are experienced in installing  shoring systems with very tight constraints. We also do sheet pile and bearing pile installations.

Shoring is the process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench with shores (props) when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. Shoring comes from shore, a timber or metal prop. Shoring may be vertical, angled, or horizontal.

Shoring Services Carver Minnesota

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To learn more about our capabilities, or to request a bid for your next commercial project, call Scherber Companies at (612) 282-7403. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get your project started off right – on schedule, on budget, and with perfect accuracy

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Shoring Services MN

Client Testimonials

The project was very successful, and Scherber Companies is extremely professional and genuinely cares about their work. I’ve already had neighbors stop by and state they’re extremely impressed with not only the work they did, but the care and cleanup of our property afterwards

Rob Watt

Scherber Companies was polite & professional from the owner to the guys “in the trench.” Work was done Sep 2015. I wish this dedication to customer service was more prevalent in today’s businesses. I recommend this business, and you are welcome to contact me to verify.

Spencer Hodgman

Very professional and trustworthy their prices are quite fair, especially considering that they are very trustworthy, dependable, and they do top notch work. The courtesy, urgency, and attention to detail shown, was outstanding. In the future, I will call Scherber Companies without hesitation!

Kelley M


Our services include: residential excavation, foundation drain installation, back filling, grading, earth-moving and hauling, erosion control, and land-clearing.

Sewer & Water

We are highly knowledgeable about the building codes, which are extremely necessary for water & sewer installations.


With an experienced staff of operating engineers, Scherber Companies can stage a safe, multifaceted excavation, under the most grueling circumstances.

Rain Water System

We provide a full suite of services for rainwater harvesting systems, depending on your exact need or phase of development


Mitigation for wetland impacts is frequently a necessary part of project planning

Helical Anchors

When installed properly, can provide a sturdy, code-approved foundation for a raised backyard deck

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